Yes, You Need a Website: Here’s Why

You need a website

There are very few businesses – successful ones anyway – that do not have a website. It is becoming more and more vital to have a website for your customers to visit. Fortunately, countless business owners, both large and small, are beginning to understand the importance of having a website that complements their physical business […]

Install Balsamiq Mockups in Debian/Ubuntu

Balsamiq Mockups

Balsamiq is one of the best tools for quick wireframes creation. It allows you to efficiently and quickly create mockups that give you an idea of how design elements fit in the page. Some years ago there was a package available for the most popular Linux distributions, but since Adobe dropped support for Linux and Balsamiq […]

Object Injection Vulnerability in WooCommerce


Sucuri found an Object Injection Vulnerability in WooCommerce which can be used by an attacker to download any file on the vulnerable server. The vulnerability is only present in websites using WooCommerce previous to version 2.3.11, which contains the patch, and when the “PayPal Identity Token” option is set. Depending on the environment the website is […]

SweetCAPTCHA distributes Adware


SweetCAPTCHA is a free service that offers good-looking images instead of the classic captchas made of cryptic digits and characters. It is available for a number of platforms including WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla! Malicious scripts by SweetCaptcha Sucuri, a well-known company that works on online security, reports that many websites using SweetCaptcha are affected by malicious popups […]